FAQ for the Meterteck MT-001 Digital Multimeter


Some of our customers have asked us the same questions about the product, so we decided to list them here:


Q1: Can this DMM be used for battery test?

A1: Yes, attach the red test lead to the positive and the black to the negative. It will read the voltage of any battery. Of course, it won't tell you how long the battery will last. 


Q2: Can it be used for measure a relay in a car?

A2: The DMM measures voltage, resistance and current. Since a relay is a type of switch. Its output is either on or off. If it's defective, the output will always be ON or OFF, which could possibly be measured if the circuit is accessible.


Q3: Can this DMM measure down to say 0.1 ohms?

A3: Yes it should be able to, we've measured resistance as low as 0.3 ohms so we don't see why it wouldn't be able to. 


Q4: Where do you set for a marine battery? 27 series

A4: DC Voltage is on the right hand side of the dial at about 2 pm on a clock scale. The AC voltage is at 4pm on the clock. Amperage is at 7PM I hope this helps. 


Q5: What does the 1 warranty covers?

A5: We give a full 1 year warranty for any defect may discovered upon first opening the product. However, the warranty does not apply to any damage caused by the costumer (like

Dropping, wetting or shortening.


Q6: Why should I buy a chip compact DMM instead of an expensive full size DMM?

A6: The answer is simple – both products provide the same results! It's true that a professional DMM deliver a bit more accurate readings (±0.8%), But in most cases, it's not justifying spending extra 100$ or more!



  • Avoid dropping from a high place and keep away from liquid substances.

  • Make sure to use the right mode and range for each test.

  • Remember to switch off when you done with your tests.


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